What is Nakshi Jewellery?

Posted on 12-Nov-2017 19:21:37

Nakshi or Nokshi is a bengally word and it means Carving. You will also hear the word Nakshi in the textile industry as Nakshi Kantha which are embroidery quilts. As the name suggests, Nakshi Jewellery, be it Nakshi Necklaces, Nakshi Pendants, Nakshi Bangles or Nakshi Ear Rings, are jewellery items made by carving different detailed shapes on a Gold plate by a jewellery worker.

A nakshi jewellery worker gets the jewellery design on a photograph or paper made by a jewellery designer and he carves gold in the required shape. Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Lion (Simha), Flowers, etc are various commonly known shapes created by the worker in making beautiful Nakshi Jewellery. Nakshi designs are commonly used in Kundan Jewellery in North India and Temple Jewellery in South India. Making of Nakshi Jewellery involves a lot of manual work because of the very detailed / intricate designs. It takes anywhere from 2 days to 25 days to make a piece of nakshi jewellery based on the amount complexity involved in getting the detailed shape on Gold. Workers use a hammer and different chisels to make the jewellery.

As it originated, many Nakshi jewellery manufacturers / workers are from Bengali. There are non-Bengali people also though who can do it. The retailers are all over India but it is to be noted that there are less number of people who can actually do it well.

In terms of pricing, Nakshi jewellery items more making/wastage charges than other types of jewellery due the amount of work involved in making these type of designs. Together (making and wastage), it will be anywhere between 15% to 20% of extra price applied over and above the prevailing 22 Kt gold rate. With GST, add another 3% to your bill (We will be posting a blog soon to explain a jewellery bill so that new buyers do their shopping more confidently).

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