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Stay Shining With Silver Jewellery Trends

Posted on 16-Mar-2018 04:01:25

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As seasons change, we turn to jewellery choices that make us distinctive and personal. Bling-wise, silver turns out to be the go-to jewellery as we step into summers. Its classy, stylish and affordable appeal remains a rage among college girls. And there are numerous Bollywood films which have shown silver jewelry as a must-have for the romance and charm it brings.

In short, silver has been trend worthy, and timeless. Let us check out the trends in silver that will remain a style statement.

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Silver Jewelry Necklace

One of the popular ways to wear silver jewellery is in the form of a dainty looking silver necklace. Strike a combination of chic design and simplicity when you wear a simple silver chain around your neck with a dangling object. It is simple enough for your day to day activities and can dress up any outfit of yours.

Any particular shape of silver necklace that looks good? You can pursue a classic heart or charm at the end of the silver necklace or go for a rare stone. Honestly, it is hard to go wrong with a silver necklace.

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Silver and Swarovski Crystals

Expect incredible glimmer and shine with the teaming up of silver and Swarovski. Both of them make a great combination. Their sparkling look has appealed the masses for generations. That is why they look great together. The sparkly cut of Swarovski Crystals and the polished finish of silver create a dazzling look.

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Wedding Rings

Yeah, the debate between gold and silver for a wedding ring is never ending. And their popularity is split considering there are couples who prefer to go for a silver wedding band than opting for gold. While gold is the traditional choice of men and women, silver is the trendy and modern choice for girls when it comes to shopping of rings. And then it looks fresh and fun on all types of skin.

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With Pearl

Purity and Grace is what you get when you combine silver and pearl. This combo creates a polished and upscale look with an impression that reflects on the dress you wear.

All set for a beach vacation? Silver jewelry with pearl will make a wonderful wear - calm for the eyes and uber cool on you.

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Silver Bracelet

Chunky and bulky or simple and thin, silver bracelets make a delicate and beautiful fashion accessory. Stack and layer it with other bracelets or wear it on their own.

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Do you know, many girls are given a silver tennis bracelet as a gift when they turn 17 or 18 years? For some families, this is a great way to pass down a family tradition.

Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings come and go, but the small ones remain in popularity. Given a small to mid-sized silver hoop earring, you can make any outfit of yours look charming and respectable. Whether as work attire or social evenings, silver hoops are here to stay. They never ever vanished from the fashion radar.

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A locket is a very special and personal piece of jewlery. They can be purchased to gift and honour a celeb or an individual you love and admire. Its a way to hold memories and remind the person how important he/she is to you. Therefore, lockets look great for daily wear.

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Since the color of silver jewellery changes with time and wear, invest in authentic and high quality silver pieces. So that you can enjoy your silver jewellery for years and years to come without bothering about the tarnishing factor. From time to time - depending on how regularly you wear your silver jewellery, polish it regularly with a special cloth. If that doesnt serve the purpose, use cleaning solutions.

Hope this blog on silver jewelry made you change your thoughts and mindset on silver. Will you go for silver jewelry for your celebratory occasions in life or stick to gold? Tell us in the comments below. For any styling or shopping queries on silver jewellery, drop us an email at

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