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Jadau Jewellery : The Ravishing Looking Engraved Jewellery

Posted on 08-Feb-2018 18:54:15

Jadau Choker with uncut diamonds, emeralds and pearl. Amaris Jewels.

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Mughal inspired Jadau Choker handcrafted with intricate enamel and emeralds

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It is the “original” and the “oldest” jewellery tradition of Bikaner in Rajasthan. It has also been in practice in the state of Gujarat since the Mughal Era. Around 15000 people are involved in creating this excellence in jewellery with diamonds, gemstones and 24 carat pure gold. It is worn during auspicious occasions and events like engagements and weddings and is the preferred choice for brides-to-be. It is much in vogue even today and stands out for its opulence and grandeur in Indian ramp shows. It is Jadau - an “engraved” jewelry work which depicts the rich heritage of India - now being seen with enamel work (Meenakari) on western outfits and evening gowns.

A wedding kundan polki jadau jewelery By Shreeji Diagems

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Tracing The Origin

As mentioned, Jadau is an engraved jewelry work. Bikaner is the original jewelry hub of Jadau, and the only place where Jadau work can be done on 24 carat gold. Jaipur and Ahmedabad have emerged as the modern hubs of Jadau making. Bollywood movies hold the credit for making Jadau a popular jewelry form. Many female protagonists have sported Jadau jewellery with traditional ensembles in the Bollywood films.

Is Jadau setting the Trend?

You can say that. In the contemporary times of today, a bride can not only wear a Jadau jewellery piece on a lehenga, she can carry it off equally well on a gown at an evening party.

The jewellery pieces of today have more of intricate craftsmanship and delicate engraving which explains the unique concept of Jadau.

The design in each Jadau jewellery piece is inspired by the majesty of the Mughal dynasty. Thats not all. The gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and kundan stones give a heritage look to the bride, worthy of a Princess.

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Colour form the heartthrob in the making of Jadau jewellery. To add grandeur to it, the back of the jewellery pieces are enamelled. And this is no easy task. All of it requires highly skilled labour and a team of artisans to add the red and green colour in jadau jewellery. Another special feature in Jadau jewellery is the use of precious stones such as uncut diamonds, blue and pink sapphires and pearls.

Should we say the brides of today are warming up to the traditional Jadau jewelry? Absolutely. In fact, the modern day brides are opting for Jadau jewels with an antique finish, to get the combination of glamour and heritage.

Celebrities who have worn Jadau

It is difficult to separate star power with the luxuries of wearing jewellery and satin. Case in example Bollywood actress and yoga freak Shilpa Shetty Kundra who wore a heavy jadau neckpiece on her wedding day.

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Anushka Sharma (will she ever add Kohli to her surname?) got married in Italy where she wore a classic handcraft uncut Jadau pale pink spinel apart from baroque Japanese cultured pearls.

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Parineeti Chopra has modelled for Notandas Jewellers wearing the ostentatious and ravishing Jadau.

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And Bebo with her pulled back hair looks stunning in this Jadau.

Maintaining Jadau jewellery

Now this is an important part to know. Jadau - the jewellery of Mughal legacy is as antique and priceless as the craftsmanship that has gone into it. So it is important to preserve this work of art. Here is how:

  • Keep jadau jewellery wrapped in soft cotton cloth or regular cotton swabs in a plastic or wood box.

  • Do not use metal jewellery boxes. Chemicals uses to make fancy metal boxes can react with the stones in Jadau. This can lead the Jadau ornaments to lose their shine, even loosen the stone from the setting. Go for a fabric-lined jewellery box with separate compartments. Then wrap each Jadau piece individually in a zip lock pouch or tissue paper.

  • Since Jadau jewellery has more of enamelling work on it, do not put any weight on the ornament. Any amount of pressure, even light weight, when put on a Jadau ring, bangle or necklace can cause the enamelling to crack and break.

  • Put on your creams, lotions, hair sprays, and perfume before wearing Jadau ornaments, not after. This will ensure that the luster and sheen of the Jadau is not lost.

Hope this blog on Jadau jewellery is inspiration enough for young ladies to wear this traditional and original item of jewellery. For any styling or shopping queries on Jadau Jewellery, write in the comments or drop us an email at


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