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For Pearl Lovers, It's Got To Be Hyderabad Pearls

Posted on 15-Feb-2018 18:43:55

From Mamanram Srikishan Jewellers and Pearls

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Whats that shining off-white round thing - sometimes gray, black and silver, sometimes pink, lavender, chocolate to golden doing in a womans jewellery box? Common, it is a pet fascination for ladies when it comes to attending social evenings and corporate dos. It is the ultimate in sophistication when worn with chiffon saris, and well-styled hair, particularly in summers. It is one of natures many miracles, which was greatly favoured by the Nizams of Hyderabad and the Qutub Shahi rulers. It is a symbol of purity too. It is the Pearl - the oldest of all gems that has adorned the high gentry for 6000 years. Thats ages, dont you think.

But do you know the strange part about Pearls, one of the most sought after jewels?

It is a mineral created from life, a marine jewel, while all other gemstones are minerals produced from the earth. Maybe thats why, Pearl as a jewellery form does not need any sort of processing.

What does the city of Hyderabad have to do with pearls? Because it is known as the City of Pearls. Forget the fact that Indias main pearl centre is not Hyderabad, but Mumbai.

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Do you know, in ancient times, pearls mainly used to come from Basra in Persian Gulf? The Mughal influence was at its peak then, even now.

What Are Pearls Symbolic Of

It is a moony affair. No jokes, as pearls symbolise the moon and thereby influence a persons mind, emotions and fortune.

Until World War II, do you know what was given as a pledge of love? A Pearl engagement ring. It is also believed that the great beauty Cleopatra used to eat crushed pearls in her daily meals to enhance her beauty. Such was her love for pearls, I tell you.

Who Opened The First Ever Pearl Shop In Hyderabad

Way back in 1906, Seth Kedarnathji Motiwale (see even the surname gives a hint of pearls) opened his first ever pearl shop in Patthargatti in Hyderabad. Initially, the pearl trade depended on the pearls coming from the Persian Gulf, not from Amchi Mumbai.

Basically, there are two types of pearls the Real and the Cultured. The cultured ones have huge demand and make up for 90 per cent of the total pearl trade.

Sea of Cortez Pearl Mexico 2018 (the rarest cultured pearls in the world!)

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Pearls are graded depending upon their sheen, luster, uniformity, size, glaze and shape. Heard of the Golden South Sea Pearls? They are among the rarest and most beautiful cultured pearls in the world with size larger than average.

Versatility speaks. Pearls can be used independently on their own in the form of Pearl Mala, Pearl Bangles, Pearl Tops/Earrings, Pearl Rings etc. or used in conjunction with other types of jewellery to make Bracelets, Kundan sets, Enamelled Sets, Satlads (7-strand pearl set bedecked with precious stones), Chokers, Hath Phool (for the fingers and the wrist), Chand Bali (a moon-shaped earring) and many more.

Chain from Mamanram Srikishan and Pearls

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Skilled Pearl Makers In Hyderabad

The Pearl Jewellery market in Hyderabad is a thriving industry in itself. A lot of hand drilling goes into its making. Patthargatti is not the only place in Hyderabad where you can get good quality pearls. If you are in the city of Nizams, then check out these places as well - Laad Bazaar, Pot Market (the hub of genuine/natural and cultured pearls), Begum Bazaar, Punjagutta (dont miss out Mor Jewellers Mamanram Srikishan and Pearls when you are here), Basheer Bagh (dont miss out on Mangatrai Pearls and Jewellers when you are here), Madina Market, Koti Sultan Bazaar (earlier known as the Residency Market). In fact, in every nook and corner of Hyderabad, you will find a Pearl shop. But it is Punjagutta, Patthargatti, Basheer Bagh and Laad Bazaar which are the prime places for pearl trading, given the quality and affordability they bring. In-house manufacturing is one more asset of Hyderabad pearls. This explains why Hyderabad is the largest and the most competent trading center for pearl. In the last few decades, western designs have been making their influence on the Hyderabad pearl industry.

Pearl Necklace from Mamanram Srikishan and Pearls

Purity is the hallmark feature of Pearls. To maintain their pristine look over the years, never keep pearls in an airtight environment. Just like you and I, even pearls need to breathe. Keep them in separate pouches so that they get no scratches whatsoever. Sweating and perspiration dims the lustre of pearls. So after every use, wipe off your pearls with a soft, clean and dry cloth.

Hope this blog on Hyderabad Pearls will inspire many young ladies and corporate professionals to wear this charming and elegant jewellery. If you have any styling or shopping queries on Hyderabad Pearls, write to us in the comments or drop us an email at

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