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Attention grabbing Jewellery Styles for Office wear

Posted on 24-Mar-2018 09:36:10

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For office going ladies, some of the toughest of things to crack (other than getting the right taste in home cooked food) is what to wear. Indian or Western, casual or formal, minimal makeup or something worthy for the day without being loud, can there ever be an end to the early morning woes? Nah. But when it comes to deciding on the jewellery part, the lady (young or married) is beginning to move from the traditional gold to fusion and contemporary wear. Call it mood transformation between fashion jewellery to fine pieces! Let’s crack the jewellery trends which are making their presence felt at work and after-hours.

Fashion Vs Fine Jewellery

For work wear, fashion jewelry or costume jewellery is made from manufactured pieces, not natural ones. The material of choice can be real gold or silver but the stones are non-precious. There are expensive brands in costume jewellery such as Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Jay Lane, BaubleBar and more.

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Fine Jewellery is not gold plated. It is made from real gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and such premium metals. Even diamonds or harder stones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires may be used. A lot of fashion stores have completely different shopping sections for fashion and fine jewellery. Some fashion brands have a different line for fine jewellery. After all, it is the age of customisation and niche brands.

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Statement Jewellery

Always working wonders, and never ceasing, statement jewellery is what young chicks are happily putting their finger on at jewellery store and online shopping portals. Size is not the constraint. Oversized earrings are positioned as trendy and can always turn a boring outfit into a sensational one. From statement necklaces to statement earrings, the category is expanding and to applause.

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Yeah, we know how pristine pearls are. The princesses wore round pearls, so did our mothers and sisters. So pearls are here to stay. The latest is Baroque pearls known for their uniqueness in hues and shapes.

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Stud Earrings

An all-time favourite, stud earrings are the first choice of ladies who prefer minimalistic rather than loud jewellery. Depending on the size of the ear lobes, there can be variations in the size of stud earrings. Sometimes precious stones like ruby and sapphire can be worn and customised to occasions.

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Chain Drop Earrings

Most of you might think that chain drop earrings are more of celebrity wear to be worn only on red carpets and the runways. The reality is more and more young and corporate divas are complementing this earring style with their western and ethnic wear.

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Layered Necklaces

Wearing just one necklace is passe. You can showcase all your trendy necklaces at one time. Thats what makes layered necklaces the it wear to work. A layered necklace is made of a short chain that fits like a choker on the neck, with added bonus in the form of two longer chains.

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Asymmetrical Hoops

This year asymmetrical hoops are meant to give the girls of today a fashion edge for tomorrow. These earrings make it look as if you have lost an earring and were in a hurry to get a second earring for the other ear - which is why asymmetrical. Pretty non-conservative and adventurous it is, but that is what it takes to score an edge over others.

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You can add elegance and personalisation to any outfit by going in for brooches. And they can be worn in a variety of ways. That is what makes it the most versatile piece of jewellery. Such is this fashion pick-up that brooches are being worn by models and celebrities on runways and red carpets recently.

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Dressed in capris or maxi skirt to work? How about giving a gypsy feel in your total appearance by wearing anklets. You can dress up the anklets by wearing a simple chain with a faux diamond or pearl on it. Wow, na?

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Overall speaking, the jewellery choices of women for work wear are becoming more distinct and personal today, not traditional heirloom.

Which of the jewellery styles for office wear fascinated you the most? And which do you think is the best jewellery for office-fashion or fine jewellery? Tell us. For any styling or shopping queries on them, write your comments or drop us an email at


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