Who we are?

We are a group of creative people from Hyderabad with a nice mix of knowledge and experience in technology, jewellery, blogging and photography.

Our story of FifthDot

After spending a lot of time in identifying the right stores for the jewellery to be bought, we felt there is a need in creating a platform for several jewellery buyers who spend hours together in finding the right store with the jewellery they need. We extended this thought and added other features beyond showcasing of jewellery from a jewellery store - like Question and Answer forum and Blogs.
We are fully optimized for Google search and appear in search results for various jewellery related keywords.

Our Vision

We are here in an attempt to transform showcasing, discovery, communication and collaboration across various players in the jewellery community through our various features and services.

For Jewellery Sellers

- Showcase beautiful designs at your store to attract new customers and retain your existing customers.
- Respond to customer comments about price or any other details in private mode.
- Create private albums and showcase only to specific customers.
- Showcase events like jewellery expos, new store/branch openings, anniversary celebrations, festival celebrations, etc.
- Showcase offers across gold price, stone price, making charge or wastage.

For Jewellery Buyers

- Find beautiful jewellery and the related stores from where you can buy.
- Stay informed of new designs from your favourite jewellery stores.
- Save time by locating the store upfront, especially when you are on short trips to jewellery hubs.
- Save money by buying based on offers.
- Find interested events.

Our philosophy

We believe in being Agile. We would love to hear your feedback which will help us in improving our products and services. Please send your feedback to fifthdotcontact@gmail.com

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